The Bi Lives Project

This is a site with the purpose of providing information, referencing
organizations, and archiving the experiences and stories of bisexual
people— for bisexual people and by bisexual people.

Hopefully, this will help some new or questioning people realize they
are not alone. Being bisexual is something completely natural and normal,
and there is a huge community of people here for support who share common

This project also aims to help the bi community and greater LGBTQ community
deal with some issues bi people face, such as bi-erasure, bi discrimination, and
homophobia by demystifying the experiences of bi people, and making this a
helpful resource on health, available professional LGBT and bisexual-focused
organizations, history, and general information on bisexuality.

Share Your Story

Contribute to the archives by sharing your experience in life in relation to bisexuality.
They can be about coming out, discrimination, and difficulties, or they can be stories
about discovery, self-reflection, happy memories, relationships, and joy. Any intersecting
identities and experiences are welcomed and encouraged. Submit here.

Stories will be screened for appropriate content for the purposes of this project.


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